Tact Boogie Digital Media is a remote-based digital design sole proprietorship. It is the brain child of Torrey “Tact Boogie” Adams from years of research, strategy and experience in building grass roots intellectual assets. A pivot result of the Covid-19 pandemic disruption, backed by a passion to provide professional creative services and resources.



To help emerging and established brands make meaningful statements with visual design and adjust to the forever changing world of business and technology.

The Pillars of Service

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Over half of production is dedicated to research. The focus is to obtain enough information and data that feeds the creative process. It’s a deep dive into the metrics of the challenge that help produce your desired result.


Diligent research can uniquely define a brand strategy that fits your purpose and vision. You can attract, engage and delight your customers with content that speaks to their needs and solves challenges.


A commitment to quality is what you can expect throughout the entire process. The standards are high. Paying strict attention to detail fused with a consistent effort supports quality assurance.


Custom graphic design, including logos, NFT’s,  advertisements, and design systems.


Content management solutions, including company information, blogs, creative portfolios, e-commerce and more.


A good brand tells a great story with an empathetic voice and a confident tone. A never ending story that grows with the success of the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Expressions of empathy through audible, textual and visual speaking. They’re statements that speak to a consumer’s challenge.

By listening to their story, identifying their greatest challenges, researching their expectations and creating digital assets that enhance their brand presence.

I provide custom solutions for unique situations. Everyone should brand themselves based on their own ideas and investment. The cost varies and requires pertinent information to calculate an accurate total price. Start by using this formula:

Pick 2 that are most important to your situation.

1. Cost
2. Quality
3. Time


Low cost + High quality = Slow turnaround

High quality + Fast turnaround = High Cost

Fast turnaround + Low cost = Standard quality

  1. Discover – Conduct a thorough interview of the challenges, objectives and desired results to produce a quote.
  2. Develop – Research and strategize the solutions to the challenges and format a design plan of action.
  3. Design – Produce iterations, submit for approval and modify within scope to a desired  deliverable.
  4. Deliver – Prepare and deliver finalized file formats, transferring ownership of completed assets to client.


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