Who is Tact Boogie?


Tact Boogie is a freelance design service created by Torrey Adams, experienced in crafting graphic web assets and solving real world brand design problems. Pronounced “tak-buggee”, the name is a comprised pseudonym that found its origins from a music industry stint beginning in 2005.

Today, it proudly means, ‘a tactful rhythm of carefully planned actions that help achieve desired results.’

That one definition personifies the pillar processes used to produce solutions in collaboration with other passionate brands. When people hear the name Tact Boogie, they should think of an empathetic brand problem solver.


To help brands make meaningful statements that enhance the lives of others.


Research shows over one million new businesses were started in 2020 in the U.S alone. Having realized the dream of business ownership and how branding is a huge part of a company’s foundation, the purpose was born to help business owners build a consistent, attractive and engaging brand identity and to develop a defined strategy that dances to a tactful rhythm with their goals.


The values are rooted in empathy because every challenge is unique and requires non-biased inquiry and compassionate critical listening. Tact Boogie strives to improve consumer understanding and relations to provide fair and consistent service to clients. Inclusivity is supported by incorporating diverse yet equitable methods. Throughout the process, you can expect:

  • Empathy
  • Diversity
  • Inclusivity
  • Equitability

The information you provide is what makes the system work. Knowing your goals and clearly mapping out your plan is the fuel that feeds the vortex. Welcome to Tact Boogie.

The Pillars of Service

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Over half of production is dedicated to research. The focus is to obtain enough information and data that feeds the creative process. It’s a deep dive into the metrics of the challenge that help produce your desired result.


Diligent research can uniquely define a design strategy that fits your purpose and expectations. You can attract, engage and delight your users with content that speaks to their needs and solves their challenges.


A commitment to quality is what you can expect throughout the entire process. The standards are high. Paying strict attention to detail fused with a consistent effort supports quality assurance.

If you would like to know more about my personal story and skillset, check out my resume below.