5 Ways To Help You Find Your Purpose

By investing in yourself, you grow in confidence and are valuable to others.


It’s been a wild ride for me as an entrepreneur. So I wanted to share my tips on helping you find your purpose in life or in business. It will be one of the most complex tasks you will ever take on, yet one of the most rewarding you will ever experience.

It took me years of studying and applying, learning new skills at places of employment, trying to grow a business and finding relevant uses of those skills in other areas of my life.

This is now a habit and every task or action I take revolves around the question, what is my purpose for doing it. Is this helping me be the person I want to be?

One of my mentors broke it down like this:

“Become a lifelong learner adding knowledge and skills. Wisdom is a shelter as money is shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: wisdom preserves those who have it.”

“By investing in yourself, whether learning a skill, a language or knowledge, you grow in confidence and are valuable to others. Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Kirk Hill

I share these five ways with hopes of helping you:

1. Take Ownership of Your Life

What’s right for you? Are you happy with your current circumstances? Are your actions aligned with your goals? Owning your life means paying attention to your choices and studying the results. It’s about being accountable for your actions. It doesn’t mean doing what you want, when you want.

Typically, the choices you make reflect your mindset. If you can’t let go of the past or any deep regrets, it can dilute your confidence and keep you in a fixed mindset while you’re trying to grow.

Self-awareness, strong discipline, and being true to your needs can unlock your purpose. Your skills and experience is unique to you. Evaluating yourself and increasing your knowledge creates opportunities for you to help other people enhance their life.

2. Focus on Your Passions

Your passion and natural talent stand right behind your purpose. What are you passionate about? What do you do that no one can distract you from?

If you have a hard time answering those questions, try to look close within your heart to find moments in your life when you’re happy and at your best. Check your mindset and ask yourself, what could you do for the rest of your life and not miss a beat.

3. Use Inspiration, But Don’t Copy

Everyday more and more people find their purpose and pursue their passion. If you’re feeling stuck, look for inspiration from whom you admire. Try a mentor who’s found their purpose. Ask them how they did it.

Most will tell you it came to them suddenly and things made sense and that it requires you to change your current mindset. It’s maybe the reason you seem to have lost your purpose.

By learning about other people’s journey and using it for inspiration, you can boost your confidence and take the steps needed to move forward. Although it’s a good thing to use inspiration, don’t be a copycat.

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4. Preserve Good Character

As children, we learn character from watching, listening and mocking those that are close to us. We build up character by repeating the things we experience growing up. It’s a part of what makes us who we are to other people.

From triumph to trauma, our character is constantly going through changes. And that’s where fear comes in. It changes the rhythm of your growth. It makes you say and do things out of character, slowing down and sometimes stopping progress.

Allowing your true character to reveal itself and eliminate your fears, you can experience micro-shifts that lead to breakthrough moments, boosting your confidence, brightening your character and helping you realize your purpose.

5. Stay Active

Mental activity like reading, communicating and thinking about the future are activities that propel the mindset. It changes the way you think and prepares you for opportunities that may help reveal your purpose.

Physical activity, like exercising and traveling, is a self-rewarding experience for just about anyone. Also, the feeling of physical power is exhilarating, and seeing new people, places and things, can broaden your perspective of life, helping you stay focused while keeping an open mind.


There’s an abundance of information and guidance on the internet that can inspire you to find your purpose. By evaluating your thoughts, owning your passions, shaping your character and keeping active, you can align with the goals or dreams you’ve had your entire life.

Even though this may be difficult to comprehend, it’s staring you right in the face. It’s when the result of your effort makes you feel like the happiest person in the universe.

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