Good Ways to Discover New Music

5 ways I think are the best for discovering music and artists looking to expose their music.


With today’s recording artists having the ability to make meaningful statements, what’s a good way to discover new music? It’s so much music, I’m not sure if any of us can keep up. Even Disk Jockeys! I love the fact that music is in abundance.

When I discover artists or bands, often they are not new, just newly discovered by me. I listen to several genres, depending on my mood and definitely can say “music ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

But how do we find new songs? How do we find the music and artists that fit our taste?

Every chance I get, I will ask people I know how they discovered a song they like. I recently asked my daughter (again) how she finds the new artists and songs that I hear her blasting from her room.

She said, radio! I was quite shocked to hear that. I was expecting social media. Here is her process:

“While I’m riding in a car to work, school or to meet up with my friends and a song comes on the radio, I go to Snapchat and Shazam it! Then I can add it to my Pandora favorites.”

All of that goes on in about half a minute, from her ears to her favorites, for later enjoyment. Long cry from a friend saying, “Did you hear that new song by, umm, I don’t even know the name.” Lol!  

She prefers SiriusXM over traditional radio because of the variety and so do I, but there are many ways to discover music. Let’s take a look at my (top 5) favorite ways to find the type of music that I like. 

5. Google

Yep, that’s right! Our good googly info-friend. Occasionally, I will search “New music this week” or “New up-and-coming music releases”. It may sound generic or “last-genish”, but you can find various genres of music from all over.

Search a few pages and see what you find. It’s a very humbling experience, especially if you are an artist or in the music business.

4. SiriusXM

As mentioned above, I prefer satellite radio if I’m in a car with no choice. XM has genre and culture-based stations, with segments dedicated to new music.

Especially in urban pop styles. From contemporary jazz to electronic chill, I find music I dig all the time while enjoying a ride on the west side. 

3. Social Media Networks

Instagram and Twitter have become promotion platforms for almost anything nowadays and music is no exception. This is where the confusion begins for me. So many images and impressions that I can get bored and easily distracted from an artist’s promotion because they appear as commercials.

They look similar and thirsty. Newer platforms on the rise like TikTok and Triller are more interesting and inspire creative ways for both the user and music (past and present) to produce content that’s fresh and unique. Case in point, Lil Nas X and TikTok.

2. Apple Music

Ahhhhh!  This is my go-to mobile music experience. Whether driving, working out, cooking, or just chillin’. When I want music in the palm of my hand at the drop of a dime, this is my choice.

It’s not my number one because I am not that mobile. I spend a lot of my time on laptops and in my studio. The service by far has all the features I need to discover music, find oldies and check out my favorite podcasts.

1. Youtube

You might wonder why this is my number one way I discover music and not part of number 3. Well, as mentioned in number 2, I am stationary often and my browser is faster than my phone.

Also, I believe Youtube is more than a social network. It’s a broadcast network with public virtual engagement. It’s where you can find just about any d*mn thing you want (and even what you don’t).

This is how and where I “discover” some of the most talented musicians, singers, performers, dj’s, producers, engineers and playlist curators. 

I just start with a song I like and after 5 clicks, I’m listening AND most of the time watching someone I have never heard of. That’s the organic discovery I’m sure every artist appreciates.


With that said, I offer this; anyone looking to stand out in the frenzy of music should have an online presence in as many places as possible. Including your own WEBSITE.

Make great music and videos, AND PUT THEM ON YOUTUBE!

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Torrey Lawrence Adams

Torrey's a freelance Graphic Web Designer and brand strategist. He's been in business over 15 years, starting with an idea and a business card to collaboration with brands like VH1 Save The Music, The Pharcyde, Boys and Girls Club and more. His passion is helping people make meaningful statements that enhance the lives of others.

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