Graphic Design

Creative Process

Below you’ll find the creative process I use for most of my graphic design projects. Larger scope projects may require addition steps. 

Identify and Empathize

  • Study the design brief to identify the expected desired result.
  • Empathize with expectations removing any bias to develop a clear understanding.
  • Request additional information if needed.

Research and Define

  • Gather inspiration to create a mood board of images, colors, and keywords.
  • Compare expectations with client industry competitors.
  • Define the scope and any barriers that may delay or sabotage the project.

Plan and Ideate

  • Set a schedule of work and prepare resources.
  • Consider particulars and any necessities within scope.
  • Sketch low-fidelity ideas and solidify correct direction with the client.

Design and Develop

  • Re-consider any remaining particulars or definite needs within scope.
  • Draft 2-3 medium-fidelity versions from agreed direction.
  • Develop high-fidelity proof for approval with maximum 2 revisions.

Approval and Delivery

  • Submit proof for quality assurance check.
  • Obtain approval from client allowing 2 revisions.
  • When approved, finalize presentation and delivery vectorized files.