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Sign that reads - the meaning of life is to give life a meaning
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As a digital media designer and brand strategist, my ultimate goal is helping you make meaningful statements with your content. Statements that represent authenticity, content that enhances a persons life and showcases the value of your service or product.

A good brand tells a great story. A never ending story that grows with the success of your business. Good customer service can play an important role as well, after the purchase.

Identifying your brand profile is key to building a buyers persona. Which together, helps you develop a unique strategy that connects with your following. There are lots of factors that must be planned to cultivate a trusted brand with loyal customers. And most people outside of the marketing spectrum only witness the end result of a marketing/brand campaign.

It’s Definitely Not a Snap of the Fingers

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For the most part, brand design and strategy is turnkey. Although, some may disagree and say that founders must include themselves in the planning process. But, most start-up brands are thinking well ahead of the diligent market research that’s required, just to even come up with a name, logo and tagline.

You’re thinking about sales and profits. Right? Are you overlooking the major brands that have endured the marathon of brand building and why you use them faithfully? Trust that it’s all in a plan that you can always adjust.

Tip: Think long term if you want to build a good brand

Working with start-up clients teaches you a lot about what people think about marketing and making meaningful statements. The cost (time and money) are often much higher than expected. But understand this, a brand is not just a logo, a website and business cards, it’s an experience.

Do you know that corporations will spend billions of dollars on ads, content and promotions to earn your trust and loyalty? And that Superbowl commercials are in the millions for less than a minute of time?

All in all, it’s a must you comprehend the magnitude of work involved to build an entire brand strategy, if you’re really serious about being a successful one. The old saying ‘If you build it, they will come,’ can now be paraphrased, ‘If you build it right, they will come and stay.’

Do you think you’re ready to start a brand? Well, I’ve adapted a quick process from a colleague that can answer questions you may have while your seeking a brand designer and strategist to start helping you make meaningful statements. Click the link below to visit the FAQ page. Best of luck! (and planning)


Digital Media Designer Torrey L. Adams

Torrey Lawrence Adams

Torrey's a digital media designer at Tact Boogie Digital Media and partner at Khykel Music Enterprises. He's been in business over 15 years, starting with an idea and a business card. His passion is helping people make meaningful statements that enhance the lives of others. You can connect with him @tactboogie and Linkedin.

If you are interested in learning about progressive digital media solutions for start-up brands, Contact me.


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