How To Hustle In 2021

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My father told me a story about how he realized that managing finances was key to building wealth. He said there was a time when he was...
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Fair Trade

You’ve heard the phrases “Do the work, get paid“, “You don’t work, you don’t eat,” and my favorite, “Make that money, don’t let it make you.” Money, money, money, Monnneey! It’s the basis of our economic structure. And yes, in most peoples eyes, it comes with great respect. You can’t deny that.

But there was a time when fair trade was the basis of the worlds economy. (That was some time ago, but there was a time according to history) When a farmer would trade his crops for wood from a lumberjack. A basket weaver traded baskets for clothing from a seamstress. And so on.

Of course, money can buy you things or services that you want or need. Worrying about it is the problem. Also, spending more than you make.

Pop’s Trippin’

Now I’m no financial expert or economic guru, but I was raised by one and taught to not worry about the money, just do the work. If done according to protocol, you’ll get paid. I used to say to myself “Pop’s trippin!” Because growing up, that was confusing to me according to what was happening out in the field. I mean come on now, you have to worry about money, right? Well, in my up bringing, thats wrong! The keyword is worry.

My father told me a story about how he realized that managing finances was key to building wealth. He said there was a time when he was knee deep in debt and bills. Just living week to week with the same routine of making and spending. He realized that he was working for nothing. That one day he would retire with nothing, if he kept up this routine.

He started a monthly budget of the money coming in and the money going out. After paying bills and food, there was an enormous amount spent that was miscellaneous. In other words, he didn’t know what he had spent that money on. And after a few months of analyzing what was being spent that wasn’t needed, the miscellaneous turned into savings and eventually investments and retirement funds.

Stock trader analyzing profit opportunity on computer and phone
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Opportunity Abound

How to hustle in 2021?

Here is my Fathers philosophy:

“As we emerge from our shelters (cocoons) in 2021, transformed by the mass effects of Covid-19 virus, we will begin to notice the changes that have been developing this year and we will have to adjust accordingly.”

“For those of us seeking to prosper, we must focus on our natural talents and develop multiple skills to succeed in the age of Covid. Things have changed and not since the beginning of the 20th century has opportunity present itself in abundance.”

“Just take a look around and witness the potential. Investing, entrepreneurship, self employment and freelancing are at the front of a lot peoples minds. The world of the internet is exploding with people staying home and finding ways to use it.”

Find your niche. Perfect it. Market it. And if you find it difficult, seek and invest in professional advice or consulting.”

COVID has shown us that we’re all on this gigantic ship together traveling in space and time. You can focus on the past, ground yourself in the present, or embrace the future. The choice is yours. Choose carefully. The time is now. Don’t wait for Covid to go. Because when it’s gone, the early bird will have the success!”



Digital Media Designer Torrey L. Adams

Torrey Lawrence Adams

Torrey's a digital media designer at Tact Boogie Digital Media and partner at Khykel Music Enterprises. He's been in business over 15 years, starting with an idea and a business card. His passion is helping people make meaningful statements that enhance the lives of others. You can connect with him @tactboogie and Linkedin.

If you are interested in learning about progressive digital media solutions for start-up brands, Contact me.


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