Life After Football

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Pro Player Promotions

Sports and Entertainment

Project Type:

Project Time:

Graphic Design, Website Design, Brand Strategy

90 - Days



Client needed a logo re-design, a company website and branding strategy to showcase, market and promote the company’s vision, mission and services. The desired result is to attract, engage and delight B2B relationships.


Client expects a logo design that is simple and represents the brand voice. The website needs to be bold and inviting, with content expressing life after football, allowing former NFL players to access resources and information. Time isn’t a factor right now, and the project is ongoing.


We re-designed the logo with a modern active font and added the trademark to complete a simple look for multiple uses. The website template is an open design made for future mods. The branding strategy revolves around social engagement with the corporate and sports fan community, online and offline.

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