Torrey Lawrence Adams

Business Owner | Digital Media Designer | Brand Strategist

I’m a detail oriented self-motivator and team player. A life fanatic and business person who loves family, music, cooking and helping develop new ventures. Dedicated to preserving  integrity, achieving goals and getting high-quality results. 

“My passion is helping people make meaningful statements that enhance the lives of others."

Torrey Lawrence Adams

Torrey Adams Resume

Ever since I can remember,  I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur. Can you imagine running a garage barber shop at age 13 and charging $5 per haircut? It wasn’t about the money though. It was the art of it that intrigued me.

I’ve come to believe I was born with a deep love for graphics and drawing. It’s just something about shapes, colors and typography that has always mesmerized me. 

In fact, I created my first hand drawn logo at 14 and won a contest. From that, I went to college to major in engineering, with a focus on computer aided drafting and to this day, I remain respectfully in love with the arts and building things.

Also during my younger days, hip-hop culture was beginning to go mainstream and I became immersed in all aspects of it. I was a dancer, a graffiti artist, a DJ and an MC. Hip Hop was everything to me, but I eventually directed my focus towards being an MC and making music.

One day after completing high school, I was hanging out and freestyle rhyming with friends, we decided to start a rap group. We were dedicated and built good chemistry. We were definitely on to something. 

But not long after starting the group, my Mother passed away suddenly. That really devastated and changed me. 

So after a few years in the group and starting a family, I decided it was more important at the time to take care of my new responsibilities. But deep down inside, the love for making music just wouldn’t go away.


The Marathon Continues

After finding the courage and passion to get back into making music, I eventually built a small studio in my hometown. With an idea and a business card, I completed a commercial music business program and started a music publishing company.

The goal was to bring knowledge and exposure to the local creative community by helping creators develop their music content and present it to the market.

Eventually becoming Khykel Music Enterprises, LLC, in the beginning, I had a hand in all aspects of the company. writing the business plan, negotiating agreements, production, marketing and advertisement, even administration and accounting.

Although it was a heavy load, I enjoyed building with clients and collaborators, becoming more enlightened by each experience.



Technology is disrupting the old business models we are used to. And because of that, storytelling with digital media is now the standard for marketing products and services.

Brand reputation is now one of the most important factors in the growth of the businesses.

Since 2005, I’ve helped my company and others transform ideas into assets. But unfortunately, like most people, I became directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

And seeing it cause a total reset for most businesses, I pivoted my focus once again to continue the marathon.

Now I’m using my skills and experience to help brands produce digital media assets, research marketing solutions, and create meaningful branding statements that enhance the lives of others.


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Torrey’s a digital media designer at Tact Boogie Digital Media and partner at Khykel Music Enterprises. He’s been in business since 2005, starting with an idea and a business card. His passion is helping people make meaningful statements that enhance the lives of others.


“Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal.”

Bruce Lee


  • HubSpot Academy
  • Google Analytics Academy
  • Udemy
  • Los Angeles Harbor College
  • Berklee College of Music


  • Graphic and Website Design
  • WordPress, Elementor
  • Adobe, Final Cut, Canva
  • HubSpot, Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing, Inbound, SEO
  • Social Media, Growth-Driven Design
  • Quickbooks, Facebook Business, Godaddy Pro
  • Studio One, Pro Tools, Logic, Dante
  • Audio Engineering, Post production, Podcasting, Audio Books


  • PinkJoy Crochets, Labeled Kreativ
  • KJLH, House Full of Toys, City of Carson
  • The Pharcyde, Ta’ Raach, DJ Oggy
  • Altermotion Pictures, AFI, CSUDH
  • Go Pets Ltd., Boys and Girls Club
  • Rockyourkicks.org, VH1 Save The Music
  • Pro Player Promotions, Restore Positive Change, Taxx Pros
  • Premier Concepts PR, Knoc & Knef Show