Torrey Lawrence Adams

Digital Media Designer

Detail oriented self-motivator and loyal team player. A true life fanatic and business person, who loves family, music, cooking and developing new ventures. A confident communicator with leadership skills, who remains grateful and dedicated to integrity, goals, and high quality results. 

Torrey Lawrence Adams

Digital Media Designer


My name is Torrey Lawrence Adams, also known as Tact Boogie, and since the Covid-19 pandemic, I have directed my focus to helping enhance the digital presence of passionate brands and businesses. 

I provide digital media solutions that can elevate the visibility and credibility of both company and individual. 

I’ve always loved graphics, drawing and art. My major in college was engineering and computer aided drafting, although my passion for creating music took over when Hip-Hop came on the scene. 

After sharing talents in a rap group and taking a break to start a family, I built a small studio in my home town and started a music production/publishing company in 2005.   

I did everything from designing the logo and business cards to creating my first website, using some HTML, CSS and Blogspot (Click here to see archive)

Seminars, conventions and private events started the journey and I began to build a network of professionals and peers that allowed me to land opportunities I never knew I would or even could. 

My goal was to build a company and help other artists and music creators navigate thru the changing industry and give exposure to my community. (Click here to read about my 2015 Toy Drive)

I succeeded to some degree, collaborating with friends, working with a few legends and familiar brands, and I began to realize that digital media had become the focus. I noticed a trend forming that is now called Digital marketing. And building a quality brand online became just as important as the product or service. 

After 15 years of this, I’ve acquired a diverse and unique digital media skillset, from experience, continued education, heavy research, professional mentorship and most importantly, learning my purpose. 

I offer lots of different services because I have built a professional rolodex of associates willing to assist me when needed.  

I still love making music. But my new focus is to design and develop digital assets and strategic solutions that prepare entrepreneurs for the online success.  

“My passion is helping others showcase passion, allowing them to reach a target and achieve their primary objective."
Skills and experience include:
  • Graphic and Website Design
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Adobe, Final Cut, Quickbooks
  • WordPress, Elementor, CSS3, HTML5
  • Hubspot, Google Analytics, 365
  • Studio One, Pro Tools, Logic, Dante
  • Post production, Podcasting
Clients and collaborators include:
  • PinkJoy Crochets, Labeled Kreativ
  • KJLH, House Full of Toys, City of Carson
  • The Pharcyde, Ta’ Raach, DJ Oggy
  • Altermotion Pictures, AFI, CSUDH
  • Go Pets Ltd., Boys and Girls Club
  •, VH1 Save The Music
  • Pro Player Promotions



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